NIXsolutions: Google Hints at RCS Support for iPhone in Fall 2024

Google recently disclosed information on the Google Messages app page suggesting that Apple will introduce support for the RCS (Rich Communication Services) protocol on the iPhone this coming fall, as observed by 9to5Google. This integration is expected to coincide with the release of iOS 18.


Anticipated iOS Integration

The page outlines the advantages of the RCS standard, featuring a section titled “Coming Soon to iOS” with the heading “Best Messaging for Everyone.” According to the description, “Apple has announced that it will roll out RCS in the fall of 2024. When this happens, it will mean improved messaging for everyone.” While this particular section is currently unavailable, its contents are preserved within the page’s source code.

Bridge Over Messaging Divide

For quite some time, Google has been advocating for Apple to adopt RCS support on the iPhone, aiming to alleviate the distinction between “green and blue bubbles” associated with iMessage. Although the introduction of RCS may not entirely resolve this issue, it will enable Android users to send high-resolution media files to iPhone users through standard means. Apple had previously announced its intention to incorporate support for the RCS standard, albeit without specifying a precise timeline.

Continued Enhancements by Google

Google continues to actively enhance RCS capabilities. In the previous year, the company reported that 1 billion individuals utilize the standard on a monthly basis, alongside the introduction of new features to Google Messages, such as user profiles, Photomoji, high-quality voice messages, and more, notes NIXsolutions.

As developments unfold, we’ll keep you updated on any further announcements regarding RCS integration on the iPhone.