NIX Solutions: Google Opens Bard Chatbot for Tteenagers

Starting today, Google opens its Bard chatbot to teenagers, introducing safety measures to protect them from inappropriate content. The service initially targets English-speaking users worldwide.

NIX Solutions

Safety Measures for Young Users

Teens in most countries, meeting the minimum age requirement (typically 13), gain access to Bard. Google implements safety measures to educate them about generative AI principles and safeguard them from harmful content.

Google’s Precautions for Young Users To acquaint users, a training video outlines generative AI features and limitations, including potential inaccuracies. Fact-checking against Google’s search results for factual queries enhances reliability. Bard is trained to avoid displaying inappropriate content and implements safety restrictions to prevent exposure to harmful substances, notes NIX Solutions.

Features and Functionality

Google introduces new Bard features beneficial for teenagers and general users. The AI explains math problem solutions from entered equations and assists in creating charts from table or data inputs via the command line. Bard, a global alternative to other chatbots, is already available in 230 countries.