NIX Solutions: Users’ Google Queries 1 Year After the Start of Pandemic

Research and statistics specialists from Google Ads analyzed search queries around the world to find out what users are asking about a year after the outbreak of the pandemic.

NIX Solutions

According to the data presented, after a year of quarantine measures, people are beginning to look to the future with more optimism, albeit restrained.

Users strive to save money and look for profitable, but high-quality offers. Globally, the number of search queries such as “low budget” (+ 200% yoy), “affordable health insurance” (+ 600%) and “online outlet” (+ 60%) is increasing.

People continue to look for recommendations for maintaining health, for example: “when is it better to drink vitamins” (+ 80%) or “the best mattress for back pain” (+ 100%). Also, users are interested in medical organizations: “dermatologist nearby” (+ 70%) and “massage nearby” (+ 200%).

Users are also interested in technical advice: “how to merge pdf files” (+ 80%), “how to set up screen broadcast” (+ 400%), “how to record a video” (+ 90%), and such a question as site hosting ( + 80%).

Advice on how to organize the space is also in demand: “ideas for small spaces” (+ 100%), “warehouses nearby” (+ 80%), “furniture stores nearby” (+ 100%). People also find new housing and move.

All data can be found in the presentation on the Think with Google website.

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