NIX Solutions: iOS 18 Innovations Announced

On the eve of the WWDC conference, new insider information appeared online about the innovations that Apple is preparing for iOS 18 firmware. One of them is designed to improve the privacy of personal data on iPhones, while another aims to give users more opportunities to design the interface to suit their preferences.

NIX Solutions

Enhanced Privacy Features

According to the MacRumors portal, standard applications in iOS 18 can be protected from unauthorized launch using Face ID. This function will most likely not be available for third-party software, at least at the time of release. This enhancement is part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to bolster user privacy and data security, addressing growing concerns over personal data protection.

Interface Customization Options

In addition to privacy improvements, an upcoming upgrade to the dark mode of the iOS interface is anticipated. Specifically, it is expected to allow users to “color” selected application icons in deep black, notes NIX Solutions. This feature will enable users to hide “extra” icons from the desktop without deleting them, simplifying navigation of frequently used programs. Earlier reports from Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman indicated that the new version of iOS will also allow for the movement of application shortcuts around the home screen without being tied to the grid, offering greater flexibility in home screen organization.

Details about iOS 18 will be announced this evening during the WWDC 2024 conference. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated with the latest developments and features as they are unveiled.