NIX Solutions: Microsoft Ceases Supporting the Edge Browser

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer support the Legacy version of the Edge browser. At first, updates will cease to be released, and later the company plans to simply remove the application from the system, replacing it with the current assembly, states ITzine. By the way, Microsoft is not going to receive user consent.

NIX Solutions

The official blog of the company says that the removal of the outdated version of the browser will be carried out with the release of the Windows update, which is expected in April. In addition, the system will “register” a more modern version of the proprietary browser, already on the Chromium engine. Users cannot delete this browser either.

The innovation will affect the following revisions of Windows 10:

  • 1803, all issues (April 2018)
  • 1809, all issues (October 2018)
  • 1903, all issues (May 2019). This version is not supported for desktop PCs.
  • 1909, all issues (October 2019)
  • 2004, all issues (May 2020)
  • 20H2, all issues (October 2020)

It is worth mentioning the latest Windows 10 (20H2). NIX Solutions notes that it already uses the new version of Microsoft Edge as its default browser. The next update will simply remove the Legacy assembly of the application. Those wishing to upgrade to the new Microsoft Edge can go to the company’s website and read the instructions for the transition.