NIXSolutions: New Features Available for Free ChatGPT Users

Users of the free version of ChatGPT now have access to special versions of GPT models created by the community. These models enable functionalities such as analyzing diagrams, answering questions about photos, and other features introduced with the official GPT-4 in early May. This expansion means that many advanced features previously exclusive to premium users are now accessible to everyone using ChatGPT.

NIX Solutions

Expanded Capabilities and Features

Previously, features like web search replies, data analysis, charting, computer vision, file uploading, context memory, and special versions of GPT were only available to ChatGPT Plus, Teams, and Enterprise users. Now, these capabilities are open to all ChatGPT users. However, it’s important to note that free version users still cannot create their own versions of GPT. The data analytics and charting capabilities also allow users to directly connect OneDrive and Google Drive storage to ChatGPT, enhancing the tool’s functionality. Developers of special versions of GPT can participate in the revenue-sharing program launched by OpenAI in test mode in March.

Subscription Benefits and Voice Features

Paid subscribers enjoy additional benefits, such as less strict restrictions on the number of messages. When free platform users reach their chat message limit with GPT-4, they are automatically switched to the less powerful GPT-3.5. NIXSolutions adds that Sky’s AI voice, which has an uncanny resemblance to Scarlett Johansson’s voice, remains inaccessible for now. We’ll keep you updated on any changes or new features as they become available.