NIX Solutions: Google Marketing Livestream 2021

Recenrly, the Google Marketing Livestream 2021 annual event took place, during which the company traditionally presented its new products in the field of advertising and analytics.

Below is an overview of all product announcements.

  • Beta launch of a new type of Performance Max campaigns

NIX Solutions

Google Ads is expanding access to Performance Max campaigns, introduced in October 2020. Thousands of new advertisers will now be able to try this type of campaign.

Those advertisers whose goal is to generate leads or increase online sales without using Google Merchant Center product feeds – i.e., representatives of such topics as entertainment, technology, fitness, etc., will be able to participate in the beta.

For those retailers who operate traditional POS locations, it is recommended that they continue to use Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns.

To join the Performance Max beta testing, you need to contact your Google Ads manager or fill out the form.

  • Statistics page updated

In the coming months, Google Ads will introduce the next version of the Insights page, launched in April. The revamped page will include three new types of analytics: demand forecasts, consumer interest topics, and audience data, says SearchEngines.

  • Global launch of the “Images” extension

The “Images” extension allows you to supplement ads on the search network with suitable images of goods and services. This makes the ad more visually appealing and engaging.

This extension is now available worldwide.

  • Global launch of ad modifiers

Ad modifiers allow you to modify ad text based on the user’s search query, device, location, as well as the current date, day of the week, and time of day.

This feature is now available worldwide.

  • Extended access to Customer Match

Email list targeting is now available to almost all advertisers.

  • Target ROAS strategy is now available for Video Action campaigns

Google Ads has enabled the smart target ROI strategy to be used in Video Action campaigns.

It will also be available to advertisers using Discovery campaigns in the coming months.

  • Updated attribution reports

In addition to search and shopping, all attribution models will soon include touchpoints with display and YouTube ads.

Google Ads will also consider in-app conversions from these touchpoints.

  • Advanced Conversion Tracking (Beta)

Advanced conversion tracking helps improve the accuracy of the data collected. It works in conjunction with conversion tags to deliver hashed conversion data from a site in a confidential manner.

The function uses a secure one-way hashing algorithm called SHA256.

Advanced Conversion Tracking will allow you to collect conversion data when there are fewer cookies available.

  • Personalized feed in the Google Ads app

Over the next few months, a new personalized feed will appear in the Google Ads app with business-specific data and educational content aligned with campaign goals.

NIX Solutions

Hotel ads updates

  • Google Ads will update the hotel extensions in the coming weeks to improve the performance of search campaigns for these advertisers and help them increase reach.

Google will also introduce a new format for Vacation Rentals ads that will appear on the hotel search results page for a specific destination.

Another update is the improved Commission (Fee for Accommodation) bidding strategy, which will help you attract more qualified leads at a lower cost.

Updates aimed at increasing sales in offline stores

  • Later this year, Google will allow optimization for store visits in Video Action campaigns and for store sales in local campaigns.

Local campaigns will also have access to new advertising formats on Google Maps, which will allow you to show the company’s points of sale to more nearby consumers.

The attributes “Pickup today” and “Pickup later” are now available to advertisers using local assortment ads. The latter is still in beta.

Updates focused on increasing online sales

  • Displaying products not only in search but also in YouTube

Google Ads now has the ability to connect the Google Merchant Center feed to Video Action campaigns. This option will also be available in Discovery Campaigns in the coming months, notes NIX Solutions.

For advertisers generating qualified leads

  • New Offline Conversion Import (OCI) Helper for importing offline conversions

OCI Helper makes it easier and faster to set up importing offline conversions to drive more qualified leads.

For advertisers increasing brand awareness

  • TV ad data in Reach Planner and global launch of Video Reach campaigns

The TV ad data in Reach Planner helps you achieve the best mix of video ads on YouTube, Google Video Partner Resources and TV, and maximize reach and frequency. Later this year, the tool will become available in more countries.

In the next few months, Google Ads will also launch a new format for Video Reach campaigns around the world. These campaigns maximize reach through the best mix of skippable, skip, and splash ads on YouTube and Google partner sites.

For advertisers promoting apps

  • Display of in-app content and products on YouTube

In-app campaigns feed products can now appear on YouTube. This will allow the content in the application to be shown to a larger number of users.