NIXsolutions: Nvidia Edify – Advancements in 3D Generation Technology

Nvidia Edify‘s visual generative artificial intelligence architecture has reached a new pinnacle, now offering the generation of 3D objects based on text descriptions. Partners such as Shutterstock, Getty Images, Adobe, HP, and Mattel have shown keen interest in its capabilities.


Advancements in 3D Object Generation

Shutterstock, a leading photo bank, has unveiled early access to an API leveraging the Edify architecture. This platform empowers artists to craft three-dimensional objects and scenes from mere text descriptions. Through Nvidia’s NIM microservices suite, developers can explore the potential of pre-trained AI models using Getty Images and Shutterstock data via an API. Trained on licensed Shutterstock content, the model includes built-in content filtering mechanisms, supporting export to popular 3D formats. Additionally, specialized generative AI models can be trained and deployed using the Nvidia Picasso platform on DGX Cloud resources.

Applications Across Industries

HP has expressed interest in the 3D generator, aiming to convert text-generated objects into models for their 3D printers. Similarly, Mattel benefits from AI tools to visualize toy designs from text commands, streamlining the design process. Nvidia Edify also underpins Adobe’s 3D image generator for Firefly and Creative Cloud users.

Deployment in Realistic Environments

Accenture Song, leveraging Nvidia’s Omniverse platform, integrates Edify’s text-based solutions to create realistic 3D scenes for a Land Rover Defender digital twin.

Innovative Features from Getty Images

Getty Images introduced the Nvidia Edify API at CES, enabling users to manipulate objects within images. Services for customizing the Edify Foundation model to match client branding will be available from May. Getty Images also offers precise control over image outputs, allowing for tailored generation and manipulation, adds NIXsolutions.

In conclusion, Nvidia Edify’s breakthroughs in 3D generation technology pave the way for innovative applications across various industries. As developments continue, we’ll keep you updated on its expanding capabilities.