NIXSolutions: Mobile Push Notifications Are The Best Repeat Communication Channel

OneSignal has conducted research to identify effective ways for brands to interact with consumers.

  • 44% of respondents named mobile push notifications as the most effective channel for repeat communication with customers.
  • 17% consider email newsletters to be productive.
  • 16.7% of entrepreneurs named web pushes.
  • 8.6% choose to communicate with customers on WhatsApp.
  • 5.4% of businessmen prefer communication through the application.


SearchEngines also notes that the level of engagement increases by 83% when setting up personalized ads for audience segmentation, and customer engagement increases by 259% if you send him personalized materials.

George Deglin, CEO of OneSignal:

Our data shows that mobile devices can become the main channel for effective customer interaction. All methods have their strengths, so a multi-channel strategy that includes mobile and web pushes, in-app messaging, SMS, and mailing lists will be the key to attracting and retaining customers. Using additional channels will increase your customer base, keep customers and increase their loyalty.

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