NIX Solutions: Yandex Disabled the “Original Texts” Tool

Many webmasters used the Original Texts tool to tell the Yandex robot about the texts appearing on their sites. This data could be used to train algorithms to distinguish original texts from borrowings. From now on, the “Original Texts” cease their work, reports SearchEngines.

However, prompt reporting of the site update to the robot is still the task of webmasters. Now this can be done in only two ways: by crawling using Metrica counters or in the Re-crawling pages section in the Webmaster.

NIX Solutions reminds that a tool that allows site owners to tell the search that they are the first to publish any text on their site was launched by Yandex in August 2011.

In February 2013, Yandex was already receiving more than two thousand texts per day, added through a special form. By this time, the base necessary for machine learning had already been typed, and, according to Yandex, the data obtained began to be used in ranking, and search engine algorithms began to give preference to the sent original texts 80% more often.

In 2015, SEO specialist Igor Bakalov tried to test the effectiveness of using the tool in practice: whether it gives any advantages to the original texts in Yandex ranking or not. The experiment showed that the “Original Texts” tool does not fulfill its function, as even sites that are under the ACS filter are searched in the search above the original.

The Yandex press service commented on the disappointing results of the experiment as follows:

“We try to rank the original texts higher, but we use the information from this tool along with many other factors. End user happiness remains our ultimate goal. ”

Probably, the “Original Texts” has already done everything it could for the happiness of the user, and therefore was closed.