NIX Solutions: 100 Gift Ideas Based on Search Queries

The Google team analyzed the history of search queries and found out what people want to give and receive as a gift for the New Year and Christmas 2022-2023. The experts compiled a list of 100 gift ideas in six categories: Home & Garden, Clothing & Accessories, Beauty, Games & Electronics, Health & Fitness, and Toys & Crafts. This was reported in the company’s blog.

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All ideas are collected on a separate site. When you click on a product, its simplified card opens, from which you can go to Google Search or go directly to Shopping. Also, products can be sorted using filters by discounts, popularity, price, color and store distance, says PPCWorld.

What products are popular among users:

  • attributes for playing pickleball – user interest in this game has grown by 500% in 2022;
  • glitter hairspray – interest in it increased by 400%;
  • jewelry for health tracking (rings, bracelets, etc.) – interest in such products has increased by 200%;
  • kitchen appliances that will help you cook restaurant-level food at home – for example, people began to search for home-made pizza ovens 80% more often this year;
  • weighted soft toys for children are the most searched for now compared to the previous decade.

NIX Solutions reminds that recently Google Ads shared the formula for successful advertising.