NIX Solutions: Google On Sharing Content for Different Intents

Google employee John Mueller explained how content is split by intent. He noted earlier that this approach allows the search engine to show users relevant pages that match their intent – informational or transactional.

The question for Mueller was related to an e-commerce site. The specialist asked whether it was necessary to place informational content in a separate section, or whether it would be better to remove it from the site altogether.

NIX Solutions

When asked how to separate content – at the page level or at the site level, Mueller replied that it was rather at the page level. According to him, it is quite normal if the site contains content aimed at different intents. The main thing is that different types of content are not on the same page.

As an example, Mueller cited a site that specializes in news content, but has a section dedicated to important events in history. Since this content is segregated into a separate section, Google understands that these pages do not need to be shown to people looking for breaking news.

The same approach can be applied on an e-commerce site: select a separate section with information about the products sold on it, notes NIX Solutions. A small amount of such content on a product page will not harm, but if it is a large amount of information, it will be more difficult for Google to determine which page it is.