NIX Solutions: Skype Insider 8.112 Preview

Microsoft has rolled out a preview version of Skype Insider 8.112, offering a sneak peek into upcoming enhancements across all supported platforms. In this release, users can explore innovative features set to debut in the stable version.

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Enhanced Document Preview and Effortless GIF Sharing

A notable addition is the capability to view the first page of a PDF file as an image directly in the chat, streamlining the process of evaluating content without downloading the entire document. Moreover, the mobile application now facilitates quick GIF sharing through the on-screen keyboard, eliminating the need to download images from the gallery.

Seamless Media Integration and Improved Call Experience

Skype Insider introduces the convenience of inserting photos and videos from the clipboard, while users of foldable devices and tablets can effortlessly drag and drop media files into the chat, mirroring the functionality available on PCs. During calls, users can easily relocate and resize the video stream window, with the position being saved for subsequent calls, notes NIX Solutions.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Microsoft addresses several bugs in the mobile versions of Skype, enhancing overall performance and user experience. The latest insider build is available for download on the official developer’s website.