NIX Solutions: Smartphone Integration in Windows 11

In a recent test build of the OS, a mention of a future feature aimed at smartphone owners was noticed. Judging by the code fragments, the innovation will allow you to “extend” the Windows workspace onto the screen of a mobile device.

NIX Solutions

Continue from Phone Feature

One of the first to discover the Continue from Phone feature was an insider under the nickname PhantomOfEarth. According to him, it does not yet work even in the beta version of Windows 11, but some of the features that it will provide to users are already known.

The innovation will allow work started on the PC to be continued directly on the smartphone from the same place where it was stopped. To do this, you will use the Phone Connection app in combination with OneDrive cloud storage, which allows you to track what was edited and when on a particular device.

Potential TeamViewer Alternative

It is possible that Microsoft will also launch its own analogue of TeamViewer for remote access to the PC desktop from a smartphone or other gadget, adds NIX Solutions. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge.

There is no information yet about the release date of Continue from Phone in stable builds of Windows 11.