NIX Solutions: Threads Introduces New Citation Control Feature

Meta Platforms’ microblogging service Threads has introduced a new feature aimed at enhancing user control and fostering a positive environment. Users now have the ability to control who can cite their publications, thereby regulating reposts with added comments.

NIX Solutions

Citation Control Feature:

Users can now determine who can cite their posts, providing greater control over their content. For instance, users can restrict citation privileges to only those they follow or disable citations altogether.

Instagram CEO Announcement:

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the new feature, expressing optimism that it would contribute to making Threads “a more positive place.” The feature underwent testing with a limited group of users last month and is now gradually rolling out to all platform users.

Continued Development:

Threads, with a monthly audience exceeding 150 million users, is continuously evolving to improve user experience. Recent developments include testing features such as manual or automatic message archiving for enhanced interaction, adds NIX Solutions.

As Threads evolves and introduces new features, we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments to enhance your experience on the platform.