NIXsolutions: TikTok Ads Show More Engagement

TikTok has published a study. It argues that social media advertising campaigns are most effective. They also show the greatest emotional response compared to other platforms and social networks.

What was the research?

The research was conducted with the participation of the neuromarketing and neuroanalytics company Neuro-Insight. Its main purpose is to use unique brain imaging technology in the laboratory to measure how the brain responds to communication. This allows us to understand how advertising affects consumers, both emotionally and subconsciously.


The TikTok study consisted of a neuro-study conducted in the United States with 57 laboratory respondents aged 18 to 35. And it included 24 minutes of TikTok viewing per respondent, including overall platform experience and 26 ads, says Traff.

The study revealed a number of important findings about the impact of advertising on TikTok, including three key findings. Let’s talk about them further.

TikTok videos are hyper-relevant and more engaging to the audience

TikTok combines relevance and engagement to create the most enjoyable user experience. This, in turn, allows users to be more receptive to ad campaigns and calls to action from companies of all sizes.

According to independent research, TikTok outperforms social media platforms in two ways: Approach and Engagement.

In a study from Neuro-Insight, TikTok also stood out from other platforms in two key aspects of consumer neural response, or in other words, the same metrics: Approach and Engagement.

The approach shows the emotional valence of the content, notes NIXsolutions. This correlates with the attractiveness of what is seen and with the current actions. For this indicator, TikTok was 44% stronger than other social networks on average.

Engagement shows the personal relevance of content. It has the highest correlation with memory. This metric determines whether someone will act on the information in the future. TikTok’s engagement rate in this study was 15% higher than other leading platforms.

“TikTok’s unique signature for engagement gives it the edge in delivering advertisements and branded content in a way that is when consumers are most open to receiving those messages – and while all such signatures change over time, it’s a great opportunity for brands to take advantage of TikTok directly now,”  Pranav Yadav, General director of Neuro-Insight company in the USA and Europe.

TikTok ad campaigns perform better than TV and digital video ads

Research by Neuro-Insight also found that TikTok is a platform for advertisers where companies and brands are better remembered. And also – directly related to sales in the market.

Compared to other media interacting with video, TikTok has outperformed the competition on several levels. For example, TikTok feed ads performed 23% better than TV ads. While TikTok TOP View ads surpassed TV by 40%.

TikTok works more consistently

Information density is a way of measuring the amount of information in a confined space. Considering an immersive experience when compared to other leading platforms, TikTok promotes a better user experience. The preferred way to receive content is TikTok and shorter video formats create continuous cycles of interaction, making TikTok a leading platform.

TikTok users are constantly experiencing more and more engagement peaks while using the platform. It also suggests that TikTok users are totally immersed in TikTok when compared to other platforms.

Taking action

Research from Neuro-Insight demonstrates how powerful TikTok advertising can be for businesses. Especially for those seeking to influence today’s digital culture. The combination of TikTok’s innovative content delivery and concise audio video format engages consumers on a deeper emotional level.

Benefits are available to all companies and brands that advertise on TikTok.