NIXsolutions: What Apps Use Up Your Battery the Most?

On February 18, celebrated as Battery Day, DxOMark delved into extensive testing of applications, unveiling insights into smartphone battery drainage. The study, conducted on 14 smartphones released in 2023, categorized them into flagships (>$800) and mid-range ($250-$600). Surprisingly, the correlation between energy consumption and gadget cost was evident, with lower-cost devices exhibiting higher power usage.

NIX Solutions

Messenger Apps: Varied Efficiency Across Segments

Messaging applications, notably standard SMS clients, displayed higher energy consumption, a trend more pronounced in mid-range smartphones. However, flagship devices managed to maintain slightly lower power usage in this category. Beyond SMS, communication apps overall proved to be more energy-efficient on mid-range devices, challenging the conventional assumption.

Video Platforms: Instagram Takes the Lead

In the realm of short video applications, Instagram emerged as the most energy-consuming platform, notes NIXsolutions. Interestingly, this inefficiency was more pronounced in mid-range smartphones, shedding light on the impact of device cost on power efficiency. Across video-watching platforms, the general trend persisted, with mid-range smartphones experiencing more substantial battery consumption. Amazon Prime Video, in particular, stood out as the most active in this regard.