NIX Solutions: YouTube To Check Videos for Copyright Infringement During Upload

After extensive testing in February, YouTube is updating and rolling out a new copyright verification algorithm for uploaded videos.

NIX Solutions

The new validation system will be available at YouTube Creator Studio, which will validate the video before uploading and determine if it is eligible for ad serving. Copyright infringement (or other discovered issues) can complicate monetization.

The ad-launch check will only be available to the authors of the monetized channels, while the copyright analysis will apply to all authors, states Postium. In terms of time, the analysis will last from several minutes to half an hour, depending on the length of the video. Upon detecting problems, the system will warn the author, who can remove violations before publishing, in order to prevent conflicts with the service in the future.

NIX Solutions reports that at the same time, the YouTube administration points out that so far the algorithms are imperfect and it is possible that there are complaints about violations after the video is published.