NIX Solutions: YouTube Explains How Shorts Views Will Be Counted

YouTube is still working on the Shorts functionalit, a short video format similar to TikTok. At the moment, only residents of India have access to all Shorts tools, including the ability to immediately publish the captured video, reports Postium.

But all users can already post short vertical videos (up to 60 seconds long) and add the #Shorts hashtag to the description or title.

A short video feed of YouTube and Shorts applications allow you to reach an additional audience. Short videos can get a lot of views.

In a new video on the Creator Insider channel, YouTube talked about how Shorts’ views will be counted and what to look out for.

First, it uses the same views counter as for regular videos. Views can be seen on the Traffic Source Type screen in the Analytics tab in Studio.

YouTube notes that only views from users who clicked on the video from the feed are counted when it comes to short videos. Clicks on videos from the Home tab will not be counted.

Regarding how short video views affect the rest of the channel’s stats, YouTube officials say channel creators may notice a change in their data depending on how active they are with Shorts. But this shouldn’t be too difficult.

“If you have a lot of short videos, your average view time may drop. But this should not affect the channel as a whole. The CTR metric can also change. After all, most users will get to your videos after swiping other videos, and not after clicking on the video intro. Which, again, should not affect the overall performance of the channel.”

YouTube also says that short video views are not counted in the RPM metric because short videos are not monetized.

NIX Solutions reminds that earlier YouTube began testing purchases directly in videos, and the “First 24 hours” metric appeared in statistics.