NIX Solutions: YouTube App Update

On October 26, Google rolled out a YouTube mobile app update for iOS and Android. The video player received a more user-friendly interface, support for new gestures and new video chapters, reports Ain.

The video chapters feature appeared in the YouTube app in May 2020. The user can jump to the most interesting part by clicking on the timestamp of the video. With the update, a complete list of chapters is displayed when you click on the title of one of them. Also, the developers have added a preview function.

The player has received an updated interface. The subtitle enable button was moved from the settings menu to the main screen. The automatic play switch is now also located there, it was moved from the list of recommended videos. The latest change will soon appear on the web version of YouTube, states NIX Solutions.

The developers have also expanded the set of gesture controls. For a long time, users can rewind video for 10 seconds by double-tapping on the player’s screen. Now, users can just swipe up from the bottom to switch to full screen mode, and swipe down to return to the standard view.

You can also click on a timestamp and choose what is displayed: how much time is left to the end or how much has passed since its beginning.

Additionally, YouTube can now show viewers tips on how to improve video quality. For example, the application will advise you to turn your smartphone over or put on VR glasses. It will also remind you to go to bed.

As noted in the company, the update will be available to all users within a week.